Mareia is a multi-skilled Hospitality Executive with distinctive knowledge of Luxury Hotel Operations, Development and Management.
Having graduated from GLION Swiss Hotel School followed by a special placement with Intercontinental Hotel Group (IHG) in their EMEA office she handled projects all over Europe and Middle East, focused on re-modeling of the hotel and hotel operations.
During that time in tandem with her hospitality education she has developed on-work experience with the design and execution of the hotel projects increasing her understanding of space mobilization and smart design for better customer experience.
Mareia's prime focus is on fostering long lasting and mutually beneficial relationships with clients throughout the region.
Having acquired significant industry reputation for leadership capacity, as well as strategic relationship building in the various positions she has held, makes her a valuable resource to our clients.

Himanshu Makwana

Himanshu Makwana, begun his career in South Asia, where for 12 years he successfully practiced
architectural and interior design. He later discovered the niche in the market for end-to-end project development
consulting in hospitality sector, that provides owners, investors, developers with methodical and detailed approach to project delivery, for thus he moved to US to establish his own practice.
Sixteen years down the line he has successfully designed and executed more than 100 Full service, Limited service and Extended-stay Franchise Hotel projects at various levels overlooking conception to completion.
Working with major international hotel brands such as Marriot, Hilton, Intercontinental, Carlson, Best Western, Wyndham and others, he was involved in all phases of a project from research, capital raise, design and architecture, financial control, project budgeting, construction management to implementation and release.

Striving for a new challenge he brings his crucial decades of know-how to the region as a valuable part of Lionstein.
1. Project Proposals and Marketing
2. Financing Working closely with investors, Capital Solution Providers and lenders with a investors mindset.
3. Design & Development
4. Permits and Approvals
5. Bidding and Negotiations
6. Project Management

Methodically resolving and implementing projects at all levels of estimating, financing, scheduling, execution and managing multiple tasks within the deadlines and budget, and to adhere to the approved critical path.

Provide leadership and direction to the investors, lenders, engineers, Interior Design consultants, franchise design teams, city and state officials, fire and health department, general contractors, and owner appointed consultants/ vendors.

Amit Raipancholia

Amit's invaluable originality comes from his entrepreneurial flair, his fiscal efficiency
and his extensive industry knowledge. Having worked at the forefront of the interior construction
industry for over 13 years, both in the UAE and the wider GCC region, he has built an unparalleled network
of partners and suppliers as well as long-term relationships with clients, all of which are a testament to his performance and reliability.
Although permanently based in the UAE, his international experience and education, graduating with a BSc in Finance from Boston, USA have undoubted- ly shaped his work both locally and regionally.
Amit understands what an essential component 'value' is to any project, from both a financial and overall stand point. He is able to utilise his financial background to bring projects to life by ensuring they can meet their demanding requirements of timing and budget tar- gets whilst still enabling the passion of the conceptual idea to shine through.